Career Guidance

Finding your career path

When I counsel, or when I speak in relation to careers or individual development, the hours fly by. This is not like work because it is doing the very thing I enjoy to do, I’m good at doing and so there is a meeting of enjoyment with ability. Is it always like that? No, of course not. There are times when at the end of a busy day or term, I can barely string a sentence together! But when I experience the joy of helping another to become aware and find the area they are excited about, I know that just like a fish was created to swim, I am doing what I was meant to do.

Each individual has their own unique talents, abilities, personality, experiences and activities they enjoy and things they absolutely do not! We at the Careers Department recognise the development in awareness of each of our individual student’s. We recognise their totally unique makeup and also their understanding of the different occupational areas to be fundamental in supporting each one to find their area of work where they will thrive, enjoy and do well.

 Results and Offers 2017

I know it's early to be thinking  that far ahead but I am hoping that when you get your results you will inform us as to how you got on. 

Results will be out on Wednesdat 16th August/ Round one offers will be available on the CAO website from 6.00 am on Monday 21st August 2017. 

Enjoy your results but do not start planning your accommodation etc for Dublin or Limerick until you have that offer on your screen on Monday morning from 6.00 am. 

Remember that you receive ONE OFFER from Level 8 and/or ONE OFFER from Level 6/7 ( if you applied) HOWEVER, YOU CAN ONLY ACCEPT ONE. That is why  it is so vitally important to place course choices in genuine order of preference. You should all accpet an offer. Take your time when thinking about your next step. I am available at this time in Yeats College in August if you wish to discuss your options. Please ensure you are around for these important dates or, at the very least, designate someone reliable on your behalf. It is diffcult to sort out any problems if you are away when things haven't gone to plan. Students must be available if they wish to view their scripts after the issue of results. Nobody can do it on their behalf, nor may it be done online. 

Unsucessful applicants will also be notified by mail that they will not receive an offer. However, they can still apply through the 'Vacant Places' procedure later on. 'Vacant Places' is the process by which the third level colleges advertise places still available in their courses. As the countdown to exam day reaches a conclusion, all of the teachers here at Yeats College sincerly hope that you are one of the sucessful students who will be taking a place in college in 2016. 

I will be available at Yeats College in August for your results/offers so be sure to drop in/phone in and let me know what course you have accepted. I genuinely would like to know how well you all have done. With that in mind, I'd like to wish you all the very best in your forthcoming exams. Keep focused, keep healthy and keep in good spirits! I'm sure you will all make a very sucessful and enjoyable transition to tertiary education. 

Good luck!