Summer Courses

 Details for Summer 2018 courses will be available in early 2018. All courses take place from 9am - 3pm

Yeats Summer College offers a combination of language and student development courses designed to prepare students for their Junior or Leaving Certificate course curriculum and further develop their post second-level goals.

The Yeats Summer College Courses are:

5th and 6th Class Irish College 

Pre Junior Certificate Irish

Pre Leaving Certificate Irish

Pre Leaving Certificate French

Maths Academy Leaving Certificate 

Yeats Irish Language College - Here at Yeats College we get the balance right. Our unique approach ensures that you get a valuable understanding of your Junior or Leaving Certificate course curriculum while also learning fun new skills or taking part in adrenaline filled adventure sports all through the medium of Irish.

Yeats French Language College - At Yeats French Language College our curriculum based classes are delivered by qualified second level French language teachers who have a proven track record of academic success. They are passionate about the language and hold a second-to-none knowledge of every aspect of the French course curriculum and marking scheme.

Yeats Maths Academy - The Yeats College Maths Academy offers students the opportunity to engage with Leaving Certificate Maths in a mneaingful way. The course will cover a range of areas including the new project Maths element of the course. 

 To book a course or for more information call 091 533500